> Samantha Kolovson

Brighten App UX Study

In progress. I am working on this project as a research assistant in Dr. Pat Arean's CREATIV lab in UW Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. We aim to develop a mobile mental health app, called "Brighten", designed to deliver assessments and interventions to people experiencing symptoms of depression. More details on this project will be added when our study is complete.

Tracking Technology and Data in College Athletics

In progress. I am leading this project under the advisement of Kate Starbird, Sean Munson, and David McDonald. This past September we submitted a paper to the SIGCHI conference about the organizational practices in college athletics around athlete tracking data. Last year, I ran a directed research group with HCDE students and UW student-athletes to design, conduct, and analyze athlete interviews exploring goals and concerns for collection and use of tracking data.

Understanding Pivotal Experiences in Behavior Change for the Design of Technologies for Personal Wellbeing

I worked on this project in a Directed Research Group led by fellow HCDE PhD student Aprita Bhattacharya. Abstract: Most health technologies are designed to support people who have already decided to work toward better health. Thus, there remains an opportunity to design technologies to help motivate people who have not yet decided to make a change. Understanding the experiences of people who have already started to make a health behavior change and how they made that pivotal decision can be useful in understanding how to design such tools. In this paper, we describe results from surveys with 244 adults who have decided to make a behavior change and interviews with 25 adults who have either already accomplished their behavior change(s) or are currently working toward them. We identified four factors that lead to pivotal experiences: (1) prolonged discontent and desire to change, (2) significant changes that increase fear or hope of future, (3) increased understanding of one’s behavior and personal data, and (4) social accountability. We also describe a design space for designing technology-based interventions for encouraging people to decide to make a change to improve their health. We discuss opportunities for further exploration of the design of for people who are not yet motivated to change and for ethical considerations for this type of intervention.

Automatically Generating Narrative Documentation for Medical Procedures

My honors research project. I improved upon an existing tool for automatically generating process narrative documentation and I created a new tool for automatically generating post documentation for medical procedures.